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Kyn role as creative director, he created a 3D animation and AR project for a high-end watch company MTM Watch.

The Role creative director model the 3D environment and lighting.

Kyn created the most stunning 3D modeling and 3D video animation asset that can be used for any platform.

  • 3D environment & Animation

  • AR integration

  • Fast Loading Speed

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AR - Capture the world around you

Kyn manage this project with 3D/AR platform. Customers can explore the product as a real one, rotate it, change the colors, change the lighting, and share it with friends!

Customers enjoy the most immersive experience possible by exploring everything around the product.

Below you will find an alive AR sample of MTM, you can rotate the watch by clicking and rotating the watch. And even change the skin by clicking the icon on the left bottom circle.  

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