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Dali Filter

Picture perfect, you don't need no filter Gorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you're a killer.
But sometimes it's cool to have a filter, right?

Working with influencers is this fashion thing. Sometimes mean that work and fun are possible to drive as a tandem.
Track the audience to an event thru a filter it’s not just a sharp idea, it’s funny and engages the new audience.
Kyn handles the 3D model incorporated into this filter making it smooth and funny.

  • Client

    The Art Plug

  • Influencer

    Marcel Katz

  • Venue

    Dali, The Real Surreal

  • Location

    The Confidante - Miami Beach

IG Dali Filter

Showcase of influencer using the Dali Filter

The Confidate: Miami Beach

Going to a Salvador Dalí museum is a true adventure that’s hard to forget. No matter which part of the space you stand in, you get a completely different experience — that’s surrealism for you or, more aptly put, that’s what it’s like inside the mind of an iconic artist like Salvador Dalí. Curated by the youngest Dalí Universe authorized dealer in the world, Marcel Katz, prepare yourself for a socially distanced and safely implemented art-viewing experience that features Dalí’s works on paper, bronze sculptures, and large-scale museum sculptures.

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