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Creative Director at K&L

Whether you want to explore something new or reconnect with something old, Kyn got the perfect direction to help start or deepen spiritual vision on K&L. Defining a diverse selection of styles and directions points, so there's something there for everyone.


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    Karma & Luck

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    Creative Director, Art Director, Prototype, Website.


Karma &Luck's style

Marketing is our middle name, Kyn was responsible for every creative touchpoint of our marketing campaign- from logo to website.
You don't need luck, you need Karma &Luck. He handles the mission to make people happy and help them tune into their spirituality with these assets.


Your taste and personality.

A personal website should reflect your taste and personality. Kyn reflects the expression company through designing personalization features.

Kyn builds a personal website that has a range of segments, from Quiz flows to the home page. Kyn was ensuring to find one that suits your taste and personality perfectly, with more than 50 gorgeous designs creating, icons, illustrations and even designing the prototyping flow of the new blog and other marketing pages

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Transforming K&L email marketing

Kyn transforms K&L email into a personalized, targeted, and effective marketing machine.

"The right message, right audience, at the right time."

Kyn has proven email brand assets that can be set up for future campaigns.
Building all the assets and sending a Design System to the marketing department:
"Send an endless stream of emails with confidence."


Quiz system

Branded flow creates a tunnel filter and identification of the ideal customer with the perfect match jewelry. 

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